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Jensey Loves Madame Tussaud’s

22nd May 2016

I told Nate this year I wanna make an effort to do as much as we can in Florida. The kitchy stuff, the touristy stuff we wait to do with guests but never get around to. We had every intention of going to try out the Orlando Eye with our pals Tim and John David, but when we got there, it was closed due to weather. On to plan B- Madame Tussaud’s!

We’ve never been to one of these and I’ve always been curious. It ended up being fun for photos but I think I may add it to my list of really-fun-things-to-do-but-only-with-really-really-fun-friends. :)

And in honor of one of those really-really-really fun friend’s birthday, I thought today was an appropriate day to finally share these photos. Happy birthday, Timmy! We love you!!

Madame Tussauds Orlando 003 Madame Tussauds Orlando 004

I was amazed how lifelike they really were! I also didn’t know that Madame Tussaud made her first wax sculpture in the 1700s! The coolest thing was seeing celebrities’ exact heights and sizes, being able to stand right next to them.

… We had to, ok?

Madame Tussauds Orlando 005 Madame Tussauds Orlando 006

Not a Jimmy Fallon person (I know, I know), but I love that this was when he broke his finger and they put the splint on his wax figure too!

Madame Tussauds Orlando 007 Madame Tussauds Orlando 008

John David and I hamming it up with our respective favorites! <3

Madame Tussauds Orlando 009 Madame Tussauds Orlando 010

Tim and John David, thank y’all for another adventure in the books! <3

Madame Tussauds Orlando 011

Jensey Loves Epcot Play Dates <3

7th May 2016

You didn’t think I was done posting Flower and Garden photos yet, did you?! Good. :)

These are the days I treasure most with our nephews right now. The “stroller and wine” days I call them, the days before Hall realizes there are other things in Epcot to do that aren’t “Donald’s Boat Ride,” hanging out on the playground while mommy and Aunt Jensey catch up, and Illuminations. These are some of my favorite days of my whole entire life!

Hellroot Disney 001 Hellroot Disney 002 Hellroot Disney 003

The usual nephews… <3

Hellroot Disney 004 Hellroot Disney 005 Hellroot Disney 006 Hellroot Disney 007 Hellroot Disney 008 Hellroot Disney 009 Hellroot Disney 010 Hellroot Disney 011 Hellroot Disney 012 Hellroot Disney 013 Hellroot Disney 014 Hellroot Disney 015

In the words of my nephew Hall, “Again! Again!” <3

Hellroot Disney 016

Jensey Loves Hunting for Easter Eggs in Epcot!

10th April 2016

Whenever life gets a little busy, which is nearly almost all of my life these days, I neglect my personal blog and it makes me saaaaad. But who has two thumbs and some free time this week she’s planning on devoting to new content on here? Oprah! Just kidding… ME! But that would be pretty amazing if Oprah took over for me. ;)

I’m so excited to *only* be posting this a couple weeks late- Our annual Epcot Easter Egg Hunt Adventure! <3 This year, our pals Tim and John David joined us. Unlike last year’s hunt, a relaxing, leisurely “oh, I’m walking up to the country and I see the egg” experience, this year’s hunt was a BEAST. Some countries were easy enough to find, but they were mostly just tricky little monkeys that made me feel like I’d lost my mind.

I normally would resort to cheating when I get frustrated at things like this but for once I didn’t, and we only asked for vague directional help from one cast member, and that egg ended up being the easiest to find. But now that the hunt is over, I don’t feel bad posting our photos of where the really hard ones were hidden! So without further ado, here are some photos from my favorite spring past time at Walt Disney World! <3

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016087

I love that Flower and Garden has found its inner Food and Wine. <3

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016088

After getting our refreshments, we were off to hunt! :) Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016090Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016089

Reason #249 why I love Nate- He notices adorable things like this! :)  Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016092 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016093 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016094 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016095

I think China was the first country that made us realize the bunny this year was a little stinker hiding these suckers. We searched China for what felt like an hour (and seriously, one of my favorite things about this hunt? It realllllllly makes you realize how big each pavilion is and appreciate all the details!) We were walking out of the pavilion feeling defeated when lo and behold, that #$%! Goofy egg was nestled between these these two little buildings opposite the pavilion!

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016096

Donald was no easier, but John David had seen him on a previous trip. This one was in Africa Outpost, but waaaaay out near the water on a rock!

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016097

Definitely needed some adult beverage time after those two!

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016098 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016099 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016100 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016101 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016103 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016104 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016105 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2016106

Once the sun set the hunt got harder, particularly in the United KIngdom. We’re looking everywhere for this stinker, and then realized you had to squint and look through this incredibly bright spotlight to find Thumper!

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 20161072016 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt

All in all, the hunt is just plain adorable and something I’ll continue doing year after year. I do think they should have two versions of the hunt, one for big kids and one for the littles. I know how frustrated we got in a couple countries (I’m looking at YOU, China!), and I felt bad for the already stressed-out families with two year olds trying to find these things.

This year’s hunt only set us back $5.95, and for an afternoon of enjoyment and the most adorable take-home egg and keeper map, I was really glad they’ve kept the price low. And look at our Stitch! Fingers crossed next year they let us bring home Figment! <3

Jensey Loves Thanksgiving

25th November 2015

I can’t believe this year is our *5th* Thanksgiving with our favorites.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane first, shall we? :)

Year One in Helen, Georgia :


Year Two at our first home in Nashville :


Year Three at Fort Wilderness, WDW! :


And in honor of Thanksgiving TOMORROW, I’m excited to share some favorite photos from last year’s festivities. Hoping your Thanksgiving also finds you in your happy place with your favorite friends and a bacon wrapped turkey! <3

Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 002Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 001  Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 004 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 005 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 006 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 007 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 008 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 009 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 010 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 011 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 012 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 013 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 014 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 015 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 016 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 017 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 018 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 020 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 021 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 022 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 023 Disney Thanksgiving at Fort Wilderness 025