Jensey Loves Christmas in Nashville

2nd July 2016

I thought since it’s July in Orlando and it’s hot as anything, I should spend my Saturday posts doing a little Christmas in July! Woohoo!

Last December we photographed a wedding for an old friend who went to high school with me. The best part about photographing a wedding in Memphis in December means we got to do all of our favorite Tennessee Christmas things!

One of these was a happy accident of being in the right place at the right time- Nashville during Franklin’s Dickens of a Christmas festival. When we lived in Nashville, it never failed we were out of town for every one of these festivals, so it was only fitting that our first time going was as Florida residents! Dickens of a Christmas is basically a big festival with people selling everything from clothes to roasted chestnuts to baked goods, and they have Dickens characters walking around. A lot of residents get in the spirit, and it was so fun to finally be a part of! Here’s hoping we get to make it back again soon. :)

Christmas in Nashville 01 Christmas in Nashville 02 Christmas in Nashville 03 Christmas in Nashville 04

CHAD’S WINTER WONDERLAND. <3 <3 <3 Chad’s Winter Wonderland is a drive thru light show with two million lights on 8 acres of land. Every year gets a little bit bigger, but one thing never changes- Driving through Santa’s barn and meeting him from your car. This was our favorite kitschy thing to do in Nashville and I love that we still got to do it last year! :)

Christmas in Nashville 05 Christmas in Nashville 06 Christmas in Nashville 07 Christmas in Nashville 08 Christmas in Nashville 09

Santa may have broken character by telling us he just moved up from Florida and misses the weather, but darn it if I still didn’t have a magical time! <3

Christmas in Nashville 10 Christmas in Nashville 11 Christmas in Nashville 12

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