Jensey Loves Christmas in July!

23rd July 2016

I can’t believe it’s been a year since our housewarming party! And I can’t believe I still haven’t shared photos of our new hooooome!!! How long can you still call your home “new?” :)

Last year, we decided to throw a Christmas in July housewarming party. Cute, right? The best thing about it was that it’d been a good year and a half since we’d seen our decorations since we didn’t decorate our apartment the year before we moved. The sad part was not being excited to un-decorate in August and then pull it all back out again 3 months later! I’m usually so excited to decorate, but seeing it just a few months ago took some of that away.

This was our first real party we’ve thrown together and will likely be our last. I learned that while I love the *idea* of throwing a party in my home, I kinda didn’t love it. :/ I felt like I didn’t spend enough time with everyone and the week leading up was really stressful… Throw in a load of family drama and it wasn’t the easy-peasy evening I was hoping for. BUT everyone seemed to have a good time, and that’s all that matters! And we got to show off our pretty living room, which I’m still obsessed with. <3

See our lil’ dino friend in the back yard? He’s maaaaaybe my favorite holiday decoration at the moment!

Christmas in July Party 001 Christmas in July Party 002 Christmas in July Party 003

Nick and Jessie came all the way from Jacksonville to celebrate! <3

Christmas in July Party 004 Christmas in July Party 005

Huck was the best little host possible. <3

Christmas in July Party 006

Eternal thanks to these three for coming over early and helping us set up!! Tim, John David, and Mandy, we’re still so thankful for your help! :)

Christmas in July Party 007

2 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Christmas in July!

  1. Jo

    Hi Jensey,

    Beautiful home! I hope this isn’t a silly question, but the two nice lamps you have sitting on that console table, where did you plug them in?

    1. jensey Post author

      Hi Jo, thanks for commenting! :)

      We actually have a floor outlet under the sofa table- We built our home and it was an option to add on before they laid the foundation. :)


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