Jensey Loves Disney Date Nights

14th July 2015

Hollywood Studios, for us, is rarely on our radar. While I don’t go to Animal Kingdom often enough and feel bad, Hollywood Studios is a place we kinda only go when friends are in town. I’m genuinely excited for the rumored changes coming to this park and I’m looking forward to watching it grow the next decade. :)

We recently found ourselves in a cycle of only going to the same parks, doing the same things, so I thought it’d be fun to book Fastpasses for shows we haven’t seen in years. I don’t think we’d seen Fantasmic in 5 years! Anyway, here are some favorites from a random Disney date night. <3

ROO_1138 x ROO_1143 ROO_1172 ROO_1193 ROO_1216 x ROO_1217 ROO_1220 ROO_1224 ROO_1230 x ROO_1253 ROO_1271 ROO_1322 ROO_1339 ROO_1343 ROO_1365 ROO_1375 ROO_1378 ROO_1394 x ROO_1403 ROO_1407

It’s tradition for me to watch Fantasmic from the far left seats when looking at the stage. Why? Because my favorite part is when all the characters run *in* the boat for fireworks fallout, poor Ariel is stuck on the boat, and Prince Eric covers her with a tarp. It’s the funniest, creepiest thing you’ve ever seen! I have so many questions about this. Why not put her on the front of the boat so no one can see? Or let the poor girl have her legs at the end of the show? Or put her on wheels so she can run for safety, too?! Does anyone know if this happens in Disneyland, too?

ROO_1432 ROO_1438

So glad to have my old friend back, even though she’s covered again by an ugly stage. :(


5 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Disney Date Nights

  1. Jenn Paul-koch

    GAHHHHHHHH! ALL the amazing F! shots though!! You got the ones I always try to get, but fail miserably at! LOVE the AT-AT shot too, would make a great framed pic for a childs room! Glad you guys had fun. We LOVE DHS. Its my second favorite park after MK. I hate how much people hate it. Unlike you though, I miss the sorcerers hat terribly :( Glad you guys had a great date night!

  2. Hope at Disneyland

    I haven’t seen Fantasmic over here in a long time, but can’t remember if the CMs scurry after they finish their set like they do at DHS. THere was one time we were eating at Hungry Bear and the boat came around and even though the part of the show was long over, the CMs were still in character and waving at the people eating. I thought that was cool. :)

  3. Jenn F

    YES!!!!!!! I LOVE when they bag Ariel almost as much as Sorcerer Mickey’s pop out! It’s the most hilarious thing I think I’ve seen at WDW. Poor Ariel!! The Mark Twain ferryboat was in refurb when we saw it in DL back in 2013, so we got the “characters dancing on the island” edition of the show. I wonder what they do there too – Ariel’s not in my photos from that night!

    Quick, relaxed, few hour trips to a park and then home are what I miss most about my CP days. Thanks for the nostalgia :)

  4. JennSim

    These pictures are sooo fun!! <3 <3 Tower of Terror!

    Can I do a JenseyLoves request? I was just reading about the curse of tomorrowland and how Disney struggles to keep it relevant (tomorrowland not yesterdayland!) Have you been by the old Alien Encounters recently? Is it still Stitch's Great Escape?


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