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Jensey Loves Mail : A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail Review

3rd July 2015

I’ve had “pen pals” since I was a kid, and today I’m a total stationery hoarder. It’s a problem.

When I first heard about A Beautiful Mess’s Happy Mail subscription, I thought it was perfect for someone like me! This subscription runs between $15-20 a month ($20 for a month-to-month subscription, $15 if you commit to a year.)

While I was immediately aww-ing over the packaging, I was pretty quickly meh-ing.

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription Review

I mean, “Tear here to release the happiness?” Adorable!

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription Review A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription ReviewA Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription Review A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription Review A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription Review

There were two folded cards in the whole loot which was sort of a deal breaker for me. I do a lot of writing in cards, so notecards won’t cut it for me. I liked a couple of the designs, but not enough that I would have bought them separately in the store. :/

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription Review A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription Review

Huck wasn’t too amused, either. ;)

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription Review

It also came with some neon colored large tags that I’m not quite sure how I’d use, a shopping list pad of paper, and these label stickers. Totally random! There was an 8×10″ print.

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription Review

So, is this a good value? Given the underwhelming designs and lack of quality, I’d say no; I’d rather spend that much on 4 cute letterpress cards at a local stationery store.

But if you enjoy sending mail, don’t write a lot, and hate going out to shop for cards, this may just be the perfect fit! You can read more about their subscription options here. :)

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail Subscription Review

Jensey Loves Summer Movies

30th June 2015

Here’s the thing… I hate summer. Like… HATE summer. I’m not a beach person, think palm trees are overrated, and will change the station the second Jimmy Buffet starts playing on the radio. I don’t do swimsuits or public pools. And don’t get me started on the heat!

Even growing up, when most of my friends would have a year-long countdown to summer, I’d have a summer-long countdown to the start of school. (I wish I was kidding.)

The one thing I do love about summer are the films I try to wait all year to watch. In no particular order, these are the top 10 movies I have to watch each year before summer ends. Let me know what I missed and maybe it’ll inspire me to do a round two! :)

Summer Magic – I mean, it’s called “Summer Magic,” y’all. But most importantly, it’s Hayley Mills and more than half the songs that play on Main Street, U.S.A. “The Ugly Bug Ball,” “Flitterin’,” “Beautiful Beulah”; trust me on this one, guys.

A Goofy Movie – I watched this movie on the last day of school every year since it was released. Summer didn’t officially start until I sang along with “After Today” as loud as my vocal chords would allow. Still my soundtrack of choice to pump me up for weddings, this movie is a summer must!


Pirates of the Caribbean – Captain Jack Sparrow. Enough said.

Orange County – The best movie that no one ever seems to have seen. I saw it in the years of my life I yearned to be a writer, and the soundtrack lived in my car during my Disney College Program. There are so many quotable moments- “Sean, you are my same height, that is neat!” Colin Hanks, Lily Tomlin, Jack Black… It’s a good one. <3

Never Been Kissed – Maybe it’s because it was played on repeat during my high school summers (when I could have rivaled Josie Grossy), but Drew Barrymore in that pink dress kissing Mr. Coulson on the baseball field with the Beach Boys in the background? SUMMER. <3


Rudolph’s Shiny New Year – I know this seems like a long shot, but Nate and I watch this every Fourth of July!! I live my life in a constant countdown to Christmas, and the one scene where Rudolph visits an island where every day is the 4th of July, so clearly, it’s a summer film. <3

The Lizzie McGuire Movie – My best friend Lorie and I saw this in Orlando at the end of our Disney College Program, May of ’03. It was one of the happiest and saddest nights of my life. This time of year, I always get a little nostalgic for Lizzie, Isabella, and Gordo. <3


The Parent Trap – Amelia, my little sister, and I can quote this movie in its entirety. Of course I love the original, but it’s the Lindsay version that has my heart. I was obsessed when it first came out and even still have my Disney Store Cuppie! That scene where Chessy finds out? Swooooooooooon! <3

My Girl – Most of my elementary school years were spent crushing on Macaulay Culkin,  and this was the first movie I distinctly remember making me cry. Those damn bees.

Hook – That Neverland baseball game, y’all. That is summer. Bangarang, indeed. <3


Jensey Loves Easy to Hang Collage Frame Sets

25th March 2015

When it comes to budgeting decor for our new home, our bedroom is sadly towards the bottom of the list. Someday I’d love a bigger bed and design budget to make it gorgeous, but for now, priorities are elsewhere.

After putting the room together with a hodge podge of things from our last home, the one thing we still needed was something above the bed. I’m such a sucker for master bedrooms decorated with wedding photos, so I started the hunt for collage frame sets. Thankfully it didn’t take too long to find this highly rated Pinnacle 7 piece frame kit from Amazon.

I read in the reviews that it was easy to hang, but I had no idea how easy. The frames have a nice weight to them and I was genuinely impressed by their quality. The coolest thing about this product was it came with a hanging guide. Nate and I leveled the paper above our bed where we wanted it, taped it, and he hammered the nails in the marked spots. It was a one man job and took him all of 15 minutes, start to finish.

Not bad for 15 minutes and $40, right? I so wish they came in bigger sizes- I’d have these suckers alllllllll over our home!

      Pinnacle Frame Set

Go get your own by clicking here! :)

Jensey Loves Custom Door Mats

24th March 2015

In case you missed it on the Root Photography Blog, my husband and I recently built our dream home in Winter Garden, Florida. Since this blog is sort of my personal blog, I’ll be sharing a lot about how we’re making this house our home and some our favorite quirky finds along the way. What better place to start than with the front door?

Just Smile Always Custom Etsy Doormat

I found this beauty late one night while searching every corner of the interwebs for a cute, personalized doormat. I love anything personalized, but especially when I get to include Huck!

You can get your own here from Just Smile Always on Etsy. I’m pretty sure it’s just a generic, thin Ikea mat but my oh my, it makes my heart so happy every time I go check the mail or come home from a walk with my boys. Go getcha one! <3

Just Smile Always Custom Etsy Doormat