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Sid and Janie Doll : Halloween 2015

8th October 2016

Just because I’m not dressing up this year doesn’t mean I don’t love looking back at our past get ups. And last year was my favorite yet. <3

We knew we’d be going to spend Halloween trick-or-treating with our nephews in Jax, and we knew they were going as Buzz and Woody. So Jessie and I thought it’d be cute if we all went as Toy Story characters! We didn’t tell them who we’d decided on until the day of when I realized, oh crap! I may scare the bejeezus out of these boys! (I totally didn’t by the way. Henry was indifferent and Hall kept wanting to try on my mask himself or have me put it on and kiss my cheeks!)

When watching Toy Story as a kid, the “Janie Doll” scene stuck with me the most. (Can’t you just hear the “Mama! Mama!”) And who doesn’t love Sid?!

(I put affiliate links to all of our costume pieces at the bottom of this post if you wanna make a similar costume for yourself this year!)

This family portrait though. I. Mean. <3

Unique Disney Halloween Costumes Toy Story Sid Janie Doll 006

This felt a *tad* sacrilegious, but in true spirit of Sid, Nate cackled his way through! We bought poor Woody on eBay. <3

Unique Disney Halloween Costumes Toy Story Sid Janie Doll 001 Unique Disney Halloween Costumes Toy Story Sid Janie Doll 002

Swooooooooooooooooooon! This Sid shirt is one of my favorites, and I love that he wears it at home now. You can go getcha’ one here! :)


Unique Disney Halloween Costumes Toy Story Sid Janie Doll 003

So, my blue dress ended up being the hardest piece to find, but Modcloth to the rescue!

Unique Disney Halloween Costumes Toy Story Sid Janie Doll 004

The biggest trooper of them ALL, my little green alien!! <3

Unique Disney Halloween Costumes Toy Story Sid Janie Doll 005

And now the costume details :

Skull Shirt from Amazon
Fake Braces from Amazon

Navy “Work to Play Dress” from Modcloth
Red and White Shirt from Amazon
Crocodile Mask from Amazon

Green Polo Shirt from Amazon
Stick-on Wiggly Eyes from our kitchen drawer! :)

And our group shot before heading out for the evening. How’d we do?!

Halloween 2015 - 081

Jensey LOVES her Alice in Wonderland Doorknob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd September 2016

Now that we’ve gotten our BIG little announcement out of the way, on to the fun posts. <3

The first thing I bought when we moved into our new home was a doorknob. But not just ANY doorknob. (Nate would add in here, “A $100 doorknob!”) which I would immediately combat with “A PRICELESS doorknob that only cost $80!” I’d been lusting on Pinterest for years now. I finally tracked it down to PropSculptor’s shop on Etsy- You can buy your own here. :) I bought it with the hopes of it being a nursery doorknob, but knowing if the kid thing didn’t work out, I’d find sooooooomewhere to put it. <3

I’m really impressed with the quality and it makes our nursery already seem so magical! The downside is that I was so excited to show our nephew Hallpants this amazing magical entryway to the room he stays in when they visit, and he was TERRIFIED! Like, didn’t even want to sleep in the room!!! Hopefully baby Root will have a different reaction and appreciate the nod to classic Disney! ;)

It was so easy to assemble and my *only* complaint is it took a while to find an easy way to open it since the face is where my fingers usually rest. But now I just open using the top half and no problems! And let’s be honest, I wouldn’t care if it was a problem because look at this thing of beauty!! <3

Alice in Wonderland Doorknob


Jensey Loves Snap Power Outlets

7th November 2015

Ohhhhhh you guys.

When Nate and I were first-time homeowners in Nashville, we were so scared to do anything to it. It took a month to hang a print on the wall- We didn’t know nothin’ bout patchin’ no holes! – so I was terrified of the commitment! We finally painted a few rooms, and got things on the wall, but that was the extent of our effort.

We’ve been in our Winter Garden dream home for 6 months, and not only is every room decorated- prints and all!- but we’ve swapped out most light fixtures, painted, Nate screened in our patio (!!!!), built shelving in our closets, wallpapered, you name it.

I’m hoping to share some of my favorite home things on here that we’ve found that have been game-changers. First up? Our outlets. Yes, you read that right!

Now first off, I’m a big scaredy cat when the house is dark and I like being able to see, even just a little bit, in a room at night. Plus, Huck is a one-eyed night wanderer, and he needs to know where he’s going, you know? While night lights are a must for me in our home, I never loved how they look.

We have one in our bathroom so we don’t have to turn the light on in the middle of the night, but I always hated having to unplug it in the morning to plug in my curling iron. Even moreso, we dream of a someday family, and I know little fingers plus clunky night-lights are a terrifying no-no.

Enter Snap Power Outlets! I think when people see our home for the first time, this is probably the thing we get the most comments about! Nate installed these all over our home. They’re so magical to me!! There’s a little light sensor on there so when it’s dark, there’s an led light that shines across the bottom of the outlet lighting your path. GENIUS!

Snap On Outlet Light Snap On Outlet Light

Snap Power outlets run about $15 for one, but you can get them for less when you buy more. Game changer, friends! Don’t forget to use “snapsocial10” for 10% off your order! <3

Jensey Loves All Aboard Whistle on Etsy!

1st October 2015

Like other creatives I know, Etsy has become my go-to for pretty much everything these days. I love supporting small businesses, and I love the variety and creativity of the products you find on Etsy, especially regarding personalized heirloom products.

Hallpants turned 3 this spring and I wanted to get him something special for his big day. I tend to collect little toys and knick-knacks through the year for Christmas, but I love giving extra special things on our niece and nephews’ birthdays while they’re young. I usually try to hand make something special, but this year I just didn’t find the time.

Hall has officially entered the train stage of toddler-hood, and has the coolest train table I would have looooooooved as a kid. After a quick search on Etsy, I discovered All Aboard Whistle’s shop! Stacy makes custom conductor hats with embroidered names, and even burns your child’s name into classic wooden train whistles. I wish I had seen the option to add a personalized message on Hall’s, I totally would have! The whistle came wrapped in a red bandanna (so cute!) and I gave it along with Hall’s little conductor hat. It seems to have been a hit!

Etsy All Aboard WhistlesEtsy All Aboard Whistles Etsy All Aboard Whistles

I know Stacy will be slammed with holiday orders so if you’re thinking of ordering a set for the little conductor in your life, don’t delay too long- Click here to visit her Etsy shop! :)