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Jensey Loves Snoqualmie

18th June 2016

If you’ve ever seen photos from our best friends getting married in Africa, you know Lorie and Jon. Lorie and I have known each other since kindergarten, been best friends since college, moved to Orlando to do the Walt Disney World College Program together, met our husbands, married our husbands, and all 4 of us moved to Nashville 5 years ago. Then Nate and I broke our parallel lives by moving back to Orlando, leaving our other-couple-half in Nashville!

Anyway, that’s our friendship in a nutshell with Lorie and Jon. Shortly after our move back to Orlando, they moved to Seattle! They’ll only be there a couple years, but I’m so glad that we were able to make the trip to see them in their new home. They’re living in downtown Seattle in a crazy fancy and cozy apartment, and while I’m longing for them to move back to Tennessee so we can be close(r) again, it was so fun seeing them in this new life!!

Now for photos from the next leg of our January snow trip! <3

Seattle and Snowqualmie 01 Seattle and Snowqualmie 02 Seattle and Snowqualmie 03 Seattle and Snowqualmie 04 Seattle and Snowqualmie 05 Seattle and Snowqualmie 06

Of course, we got a cabin for the weekend with them because that’s what we do with Lorie and Jon! We visited the town of Snoqualmie, which was only ~45 minutes from Seattle. But what a difference that 45 minutes made! What was a mild, rainy day quickly turned into 30 degrees and feet of snow!

I loved our snowy cabin. <3

Seattle and Snowqualmie 07

She’s just being Lorie. <3

Seattle and Snowqualmie 08

I mean, we were living in a postcard!!

Seattle and Snowqualmie 09 Seattle and Snowqualmie 10 Seattle and Snowqualmie 11 Seattle and Snowqualmie 12 Seattle and Snowqualmie 13 Seattle and Snowqualmie 14 Seattle and Snowqualmie 15 Seattle and Snowqualmie 16 Seattle and Snowqualmie 17 Seattle and Snowqualmie 18

It’s not Lorie and Jon time until the boys are doing puzzles. <3

Seattle and Snowqualmie 19 Seattle and Snowqualmie 20

Down the street from our cabin was this GIIIIIIIIANT sledding hill! It was so scary but fun, and that hike back up the hill was NO joke!

Seattle and Snowqualmie 21 Seattle and Snowqualmie 22

Don’t let the smiles fool you- We’re both completely out of breath here!

Seattle and Snowqualmie 23


Seattle and Snowqualmie 24 Seattle and Snowqualmie 25 Seattle and Snowqualmie 26

Lorie had a quest all weekend to make the perfect snowball. :)

Seattle and Snowqualmie 27 Seattle and Snowqualmie 28


Seattle and Snowqualmie 29

Oh right! So we were leaving Snoqualmie around noon when we get to the freeway on-ramp in town and find this. UMMMMM. We were supposed to be flying out the next morning for a session in Canada and this had me and Nate mildly freaking out, but as always, I can’t imagine any better friends to have in this situation than Lorie and Jon.

Seattle and Snowqualmie 30

We learned there was only going to be one more convoy out that day and the only way to know when it was going to happen was the closed neighborhood Facebook page! They would post on there and give the residents 10 minutes. When we went back out to see if the convoy was going to go or not, they were about to leave, but we needed to run back to the cabin to grab our stuff and Mary-Kate, Lorie’s dog! We RACED back to the cabin, all of us having a specific plan of what to do and grab, came back, and the convoy had LEFT! We were told again that the cop was going to come back for one more run, so we loaded up on junk food at the gas station and prepared to wait in this line of cars for hours. Sure enough, our line of cars started moving and we were on our way!

Lorie and Jon, we love adventuring with y’all. Come visit soon! <3

Jensey Loves Quinn, Kinley, and Mari! (Part II)

11th June 2016

Make sure you’ve read part I of our Oregon trip here!

My brother and Nate went for a before sunrise snowshoe hike to grab some gorgeous photos. I don’t know what they hiked up exactly… More than a hill but not quite a mountain so whatever that’s called? :) Either way, here are some pretty phooooootos! <3

Bend Oregon Family Trip 25 Bend Oregon Family Trip 26 Bend Oregon Family Trip 27 Bend Oregon Family Trip 28 Bend Oregon Family Trip 30 Bend Oregon Family Trip 31 Bend Oregon Family Trip 32 Bend Oregon Family Trip 33 Bend Oregon Family Trip 34 Bend Oregon Family Trip 35

Nate shadow camera magic!

Bend Oregon Family Trip 36

I love this one so much- Look at all the ski swigglies! Yes, that’s the technical term, fyi.

Bend Oregon Family Trip 37 Bend Oregon Family Trip 38

Then it was back for more aunting and uncling!

Bend Oregon Family Trip 39 Bend Oregon Family Trip 40 Bend Oregon Family Trip 41

Y’all… Heart = melted.

Bend Oregon Family Trip 42

I’m pretty sure this is the moment he figured out parenting. <3

Bend Oregon Family Trip 43

Going through my DisneyRoots Instagram with Kinley and learning who everyone is. All photos of Rapunzel were “Mommy,” and every time she saw Wendy she thought it was me. I won’t say Kinley is my favorite, but I won’t deny it, either. ;)

Bend Oregon Family Trip 44 Bend Oregon Family Trip 45

Loved this local restaurant they go to with a play room attached to the main dining area. We were able to eat right there and watch them- More restaurants need this!

Bend Oregon Family Trip 46 Bend Oregon Family Trip 47

So, right before our trip, my best friend Jessie told me that she found a photographer Little People that looks just like me! This thing even dresses like me, wears sunglasses on her head, and holds her camera like me! It’s hilarious!! Jessie was so sweet and sent one for Quinn and Kinley. They love taking “Auntie Jensey” everywhere and yelling things like “Don’t flush Auntie Jensey down the toilet!” and “Stop biting Auntie Jensey!”

This is Auntie Jensey monitoring dinner time. :)

Bend Oregon Family Trip 48

Fact we learned while babysitting: Frozen veggies and first-time ever viewings of Aladdin make all boo boos better!

Bend Oregon Family Trip 49

I try to hand sew something special for every niece and nephew when they’re born, and this is what I made for Miss Emma. I loved seeing her play on it! :)

Bend Oregon Family Trip 50

The second best thing in all of Oregon to my family is Dutch Bros Coffee, mainly the location next to my brother and sister-in-law’s place. These three make every day better! And they’ve even named a coffee after my brother. :)

Bend Oregon Family Trip 51

Kinley, please never, ever change the way you eat. <3

Bend Oregon Family Trip 52 Bend Oregon Family Trip 53 Bend Oregon Family Trip 54 Bend Oregon Family Trip 55 Bend Oregon Family Trip 56

Goodbyes are never fun, but especially not on a rainy day. :( We love you, family!!

Bend Oregon Family Trip 57

Jensey Loves Quinn, Kinley, and Mari! (Part I)

4th June 2016

Now that we’re Florida residents again, we require one “cold” trip a year. I need to see some snow. Yearly. <3 This year’s trip happened because we needed to come see our newest beautiful niece, Mari Emma. (Or #CalimariEmma if you follow me on Instagram!)

She was born around Thanksgiving and the rest of my family was able to make trips sooner, but I’m just glad we got to see her while she was still teeeeeeny tiny. Like, pull-at-my-ovaries tiny if you know what I mean. Mari is the youngest of my brother’s 3-under-3, so she’s sure to be the strongest of all of ’em. It was so cute seeing Quinn and Kinley take to big sibling-hood and see how much they absolutely adore her. Sometimes a little too much (I’m looking at you, Kinley!)

Our trip to Oregon kicked off our three city “snow trip,” as we dubbed it. Here’s part one of this very special week! <3

Bend Oregon Family Trip 01

I can’t believe they’re a family of FIVE now!! :)

Bend Oregon Family Trip 02

The night we met Mari. Not pictured: My right hand holding my wine glass. <3

Bend Oregon Family Trip 03 Bend Oregon Family Trip 04

My husband, the kid magnet. <3

Bend Oregon Family Trip 05 Bend Oregon Family Trip 06

My Kinley Poppins. <3

Bend Oregon Family Trip 07 Bend Oregon Family Trip 08

Favorite favorite favorite favorite. <3

Bend Oregon Family Trip 09 Bend Oregon Family Trip 10 Bend Oregon Family Trip 11 Bend Oregon Family Trip 12 Bend Oregon Family Trip 13

Dinner time drama. <3

Bend Oregon Family Trip 14 Bend Oregon Family Trip 15 Bend Oregon Family Trip 16 Bend Oregon Family Trip 17 Bend Oregon Family Trip 18

Kristin, the most supermom of them all. I’m so glad my nephew and nieces are hers!!!

Bend Oregon Family Trip 19 Bend Oregon Family Trip 20 Bend Oregon Family Trip 21 Bend Oregon Family Trip 22 Bend Oregon Family Trip 23

Who needs a bed when you have a perfectly good doorway? Don’t forget to click here for part Two!!!! <3

Bend Oregon Family Trip 24