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Jensey Loves Finding Pascal’s Friends

6th August 2016

One of my favorite recent(ish) additions to the Magic Kingdom is the Tangled area! As much as I wish they could bring back the Skyway, I was tickled to see that Disney put so much love and attention into what is now a glorified bathroom. The Tangled-themed rest area (which many have dubbed “Tangled Toilets”) is also home to plenty of benches and charging stations, all themed like the town of Corona with Rapunzel’s tower in the background. I love guests’ reactions when they realize this charming area isn’t a ride queue, but in fact, a glorified bathroom!

My favorite part about this area is something I didn’t know until our friend showed us: 10 of Pascal’s friends are hidden around this area! They’re tucked in the greenery, by the water, even on the building itself. :)

I’ve posted some of my favorites hiding spots here, hopefully not giving away tooooo much.

Happy hunting! <3

Tangled Toilets Magic Kingdom Find Hidden Pascal Fantasyland 001 Tangled Toilets Magic Kingdom Find Hidden Pascal Fantasyland 002 Tangled Toilets Magic Kingdom Find Hidden Pascal Fantasyland 005 Tangled Toilets Magic Kingdom Find Hidden Pascal Fantasyland 008 Tangled Toilets Magic Kingdom Find Hidden Pascal Fantasyland 009

November 023

Jensey Loved The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

30th July 2016

I can’t think of a better way to wrap up my little Christmas in July series than with my dear Osbourne Lights. Decembers won’t be the same without this show! :(

These are just a few favorite photos from our last trip to see the lights. I didn’t know at the time that it’d be my last time, which actually worked out for the best, so I wasn’t a blubbering mess leaving. We showed up, walked around holding hands, and took some photos, so I love that my last visit was truly like any other. <3

November 021

November 022

November 023

November 025

November 024

November 026

November 027

Festival of Fantasy Parade Peter and Wendy

Jensey Still Loves Festival of Fantasy

14th May 2016

On this particular day, I woke up and told Nate to take me to the Magic Kingdom. I needed a Festival of Fantasy fix! I’ve had friends ask me whyyyyyy I love this parade so much and the truth is I don’t even know. It just makes me happy! All of my favorite characters are there (minus Boo), and I always love the photos Nate takes of the cast. I love that it gets us out of the house on nice days, that we can grab Starbucks and a snack and hang out in a shady spot together (literal shade, not figurative of course), and leave in a better mood than when we got  there. We’re not waiting in line, deciding what to do next, just hanging out and lifting our spirits. Isn’t that what Disney’s all about? :)

So enjoy gratuitous Festival of Fantasy day! <3

ROO_6274ROO_5642 ROO_5653 ROO_5702 ROO_5711 ROO_5713 ROO_5729 ROO_5741 ROO_5769 ROO_5773 ROO_5776 ROO_5784 ROO_5799 ROO_5810 ROO_5811 ROO_5817 ROO_5829 ROO_5837 ROO_5842 ROO_5846 ROO_5853 ROO_5867 ROO_5892 ROO_5899 ROO_5907 ROO_5911 ROO_5913 ROO_5915 ROO_5921 ROO_5927 ROO_5930 ROO_5938 ROO_5942 ROO_5953 ROO_5971 ROO_5982 ROO_5994 ROO_6000 x ROO_6046 ROO_6056 ROO_6072 ROO_6124 ROO_6147 ROO_6170 ROO_6174 ROO_6183 ROO_6200 ROO_6202 ROO_6207 ROO_6230 ROO_6240 ROO_6250 ROO_6252 ROO_6268 ROO_6281