Jensey LOVES her Alice in Wonderland Doorknob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd September 2016

Now that we’ve gotten our BIG little announcement out of the way, on to the fun posts. <3

The first thing I bought when we moved into our new home was a doorknob. But not just ANY doorknob. (Nate would add in here, “A $100 doorknob!”) which I would immediately combat with “A PRICELESS doorknob that only cost $80!” I’d been lusting on Pinterest for years now. I finally tracked it down to PropSculptor’s shop on Etsy- You can buy your own here. :) I bought it with the hopes of it being a nursery doorknob, but knowing if the kid thing didn’t work out, I’d find sooooooomewhere to put it. <3

I’m really impressed with the quality and it makes our nursery already seem so magical! The downside is that I was so excited to show our nephew Hallpants this amazing magical entryway to the room he stays in when they visit, and he was TERRIFIED! Like, didn’t even want to sleep in the room!!! Hopefully baby Root will have a different reaction and appreciate the nod to classic Disney! ;)

It was so easy to assemble and my *only* complaint is it took a while to find an easy way to open it since the face is where my fingers usually rest. But now I just open using the top half and no problems! And let’s be honest, I wouldn’t care if it was a problem because look at this thing of beauty!! <3

Alice in Wonderland Doorknob


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