Jensey Still Loves Festival of Fantasy

14th May 2016

On this particular day, I woke up and told Nate to take me to the Magic Kingdom. I needed a Festival of Fantasy fix! I’ve had friends ask me whyyyyyy I love this parade so much and the truth is I don’t even know. It just makes me happy! All of my favorite characters are there (minus Boo), and I always love the photos Nate takes of the cast. I love that it gets us out of the house on nice days, that we can grab Starbucks and a snack and hang out in a shady spot together (literal shade, not figurative of course), and leave in a better mood than when we got  there. We’re not waiting in line, deciding what to do next, just hanging out and lifting our spirits. Isn’t that what Disney’s all about? :)

So enjoy gratuitous Festival of Fantasy day! <3

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2 thoughts on “Jensey Still Loves Festival of Fantasy

  1. Jenn

    Only recently now that we’ve left our most recent trip have I fallen in love with FOF. Beautiful pictures!! So perfect for the energy of the parade!


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