Jensey Loves South Florida Surprise Trips <3

20th March 2016

With our schedule being often unpredictable, we don’t end up planning as many trips to South Florida to see the in-laws as we probably should. Last minute trips are always so much easier- Maybe a session cancels or we’re much more caught up on weddings than we thought, so every year or two we’re able to plan a trip down to surprise the family! I love these visits, because while I know everyone’s always happy to see us, they’re always EXTRA happy because it’s a surprise! :) Someday Nate’s siblings may get to the age that we’re not smothered in hugs when we walk in the door on these visits, but until that happens, I think we’ll keep making happy surprise visits! :)

Last year we were able to plan one around the big family weekend in June. The one that within a two day period includes Father’s Day, Nate’s grandpa’s birthday, and his grandparents’ AND Dad and step-mom’s wedding anniversaries. It’s normally over a time that we have a wedding, but last year they planned a surprise party for Al and I love that we got to go be a part of it. :) We’re used to missing out on family things (especially weekend family events!) with this job, but that just makes it extra special when we’re able to fit it in the calendar!

IMG_5922 IMG_5943 IMG_5941

My sister-in-law who lives in South Florida told everyone she’d be on a cruise until the following day, so all 4 of use got to surprise the family!


This photo makes my heart so happy- We never get alllllll 7 kids (and the 2 bonus spouses!) together in one place!



IMG_6002 IMG_6013 IMG_6044 IMG_6048 IMG_6105 x

And because we have to make the most out of all of us being in one place, we did a “real” family session the next day. Love this one. :)


I can’t imagine life without any of these couples!!

IMG_6428 IMG_6449 IMG_6471

Yep. I blinked and they grew up. :(

IMG_6589 IMG_6598 x IMG_6620

And we got to be there for THIS! <3

IMG_6628 IMG_6654 x IMG_6709 IMG_6727

The price of our Gear VR was worth it 10 times over just for watching family members try it for the first time!! :)

IMG_6749 IMG_6759

Every few years, we take a photo of these three in our backseat with Huck. I won’t share the first version because it makes me too sad with how fast they’re growing!!

IMG_6785 IMG_6793

Jessie was selling her first home and so we had one last sibling sleepover! Had to get the 7 Root kids in one photo. <3


These seven faces. I love every one and I’m so honored to be stuck with y’all for the rest of my life! :)

IMG_6806 x

1 thought on “Jensey Loves South Florida Surprise Trips <3

  1. Jenn Paul-koch

    WOW, Nates sisters really did grow up a ton since last years photos. I noticed the same growth in Kayla from last year to this year :( All his family is so gorgeous,! Glad yall were able to sneak in some surprise family time, I feel you on unpredictbale scheduling, so its so nice when time oopens up!


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