Jensey Loves Tangled: The Musical on the Disney Magic!

31st March 2016

ADORABLE. Adorable, y’all.

With our birthdays being just 5 days apart, I don’t usually start thinking about what I wanna do on my birthday until after Nate’s. When our pal John David texted asking if we wanted to be his dates to the press preview day for Tangled : The Musical on the Disney Magic, and it just haaaaaaaaaaappened to be my birthday morning, I couldn’t say no! Even though it required a 6am wake-up call for us. Don’t judge my squinty eyes! ;)


I think the most fun about the whole process was getting to spend a few hours on the Disney Magic. This was Disney’s first cruise ship, and the one I used to watch every video I could find dreaming of taking my own Disney Cruise someday! It was so fun being on so close to our last trip on the Disney Dream to see the differences. The lobby was so cute and tiny, I wanted to put it in my pocket and take it home! :)


I loved the little Tangled flags outside the theater getting us excited! The cast was very into theming the experience, welcoming us to Corona to search for the lost princess. And I loved hearing more guests than I could count say “Corona? Like the beer?”

Tangled Disney Cruise Line Tangled Disney Cruise Line

We sat right up front and followed the no photography rule for once (we didn’t want to get our friend in trouble!), so I only have one photo to share from the final bow. You can see more photos on our friend Zannaland’s review of the show here! Hers is much more worth reading and even has photos of the Snuggly Duckling!

Tangled Disney Cruise Line

Things I loved :

  • The sets were fabulous. I wouldn’t say this show is Broadway caliber, but it’s by far the best Disney Cruise or in-park show I’ve seen, especially where sets and costumes were concerned. I really was blown away!
  • The hair was so cool and they do some really magical things with it that I wasn’t expecting at all. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but the hair in and of itself is a true character in this show!
  • Maximus (Flynn’s horse) STOLE THE SHOW. This is the coolest puppet I’ve ever seen, designed by Michael Curry, who was a co-designer for the puppets in The Lion King on Broadway. He was so huge and expressive and his puppeteer was fabulous.

Tangled Disney Cruise Line

Things I maybe didn’t love (as) much :

  • The fact that no matter where we go, Nate and my super power seems to be attracting people around us who think all musicals are sing alongs!
  • *Maybe* don’t sit in the front row. :/ I have a funny feeling I would have gotten a more “surrounded” feeling during the big “I See the Light” lantern scene if we were sitting in the middle of the theater. I was really wanting that wow moment!
  • The hair. Most of the time the effects worked, but sometimes there was just a red glowing ball in the middle of her braid.
  • The hair. My problems with this musical are the same ones I have in the movie : The opening scene is stunning and Rapunzel’s, I don’t know, 70 foot braid is draping all around the set. In the next scene, BAM. 4 foot braid.
  • The hair. If Mother Gothel uses it to get up and down from the tower, how did Rapunzel get back in the tower towards the end of the movie? Yes, I’m over-thinking, yes I know it’s a Disney movie, but yes, I have high standards when it comes to plot holes.


The worst part of the day : Getting ushered off the boat and seeing guests boarding to begin their vacation! Waaaaaaaaah! <3


John David, thank you for making my birthday so magical! <3

Tangled Disney Cruise Line

Came home, napped, got my Nothing Bundt Cake, got drinks at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Not a bad day if I do say so myself! <3

Jensey Birthday

4 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Tangled: The Musical on the Disney Magic!

  1. Victoria

    Looks like you had such a nice birthday! I looove the Tangled show at Disneyland, and I bet this one was so neat (although, that would have totally bugged me about Pascal too). :)

  2. Kathi

    Wait, no PASCAL?! And I was heartbroken when I couldn’t get the tsumtsum, because it sold out in 5 minutes?!

  3. Jen

    No Pascal?! A travesty!! Sounds like a wonderful birthday, otherwise!

    But at the end of the movie, didn’t they get back in the tower using the secret staircase?


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