Jensey Loves Snap Power Outlets

7th November 2015

Ohhhhhh you guys.

When Nate and I were first-time homeowners in Nashville, we were so scared to do anything to it. It took a month to hang a print on the wall- We didn’t know nothin’ bout patchin’ no holes! – so I was terrified of the commitment! We finally painted a few rooms, and got things on the wall, but that was the extent of our effort.

We’ve been in our Winter Garden dream home for 6 months, and not only is every room decorated- prints and all!- but we’ve swapped out most light fixtures, painted, Nate screened in our patio (!!!!), built shelving in our closets, wallpapered, you name it.

I’m hoping to share some of my favorite home things on here that we’ve found that have been game-changers. First up? Our outlets. Yes, you read that right!

Now first off, I’m a big scaredy cat when the house is dark and I like being able to see, even just a little bit, in a room at night. Plus, Huck is a one-eyed night wanderer, and he needs to know where he’s going, you know? While night lights are a must for me in our home, I never loved how they look.

We have one in our bathroom so we don’t have to turn the light on in the middle of the night, but I always hated having to unplug it in the morning to plug in my curling iron. Even moreso, we dream of a someday family, and I know little fingers plus clunky night-lights are a terrifying no-no.

Enter Snap Power Outlets! I think when people see our home for the first time, this is probably the thing we get the most comments about! Nate installed these all over our home. They’re so magical to me!! There’s a little light sensor on there so when it’s dark, there’s an led light that shines across the bottom of the outlet lighting your path. GENIUS!

Snap On Outlet Light Snap On Outlet Light

Snap Power outlets run about $15 for one, but you can get them for less when you buy more. Game changer, friends! Don’t forget to use “snapsocial10” for 10% off your order! <3

5 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Snap Power Outlets

  1. Kimberly

    Chris and I are absolutely petrified of hanging things on the walls!! I haven’t hammered a single nail yet! Nate screening in your porch though, kind of giving me the courage to do that ourselves too. We just painted our living room last night and that was nerve wrecking!!!

  2. Sean

    Hi Jensey,

    My name is Sean and I’m one of the founders at SnapPower. I came across this post because I’ve noticed a good amount of traffic coming to our website as a result of this article. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the SnapPower Guidelight. We really appreciate it!



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