6 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Epcot Days

  1. Liz Young

    You two are adorable <3!!!
    And that girls face paint design is terrifying……
    But more importantly you two are adorable!!

  2. Jenn F

    Who is that popcorn eating child who will now be haunting my sleep!? Good lordy.

    I wanted my first sentence to be about all the adorable Nate & Jensey selfies in this post, but she kind of forced her way to the top of this comment!

  3. Ben & Jess

    Extra bonus Spaceship Earth love! This is why we love your work so much, one subject that millions of people would shoot one way and here’s you guys with another handful of perspectives I’ve never seen. I can’t help but wonder what the taking of some of those must’ve looked like to the outside world! (And how long you had to wait for the Monorail to get exactly where you want it!)

    Oh & you guys are adorable. Naturally.

  4. Jessie

    I need to watch Hall eat popcorn so that I can get the image of that little girl’s face paint out of my head. Oh my! Love the pics of the two of y’all! :)

  5. Jenn Paul-koch

    thats girls face though..no. Cute pics of your two being cute! How in the heck are you both wearing long sleeves though?


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