A tip for meeting characters with toddlers!

21st July 2015

Our nephew Hallpants is 3, and it’s proving to be one of my favorite ages to take to the park. He knows who the characters are, has favorite rides, and his favorite things about going to Walt Disney World are playing with his bubble gun and secretly licking the chains in the Small World queue.

Alright, that last part I could do without, but the rest is just golden! Hall met his first “face” character earlier this year, Peter Pan, and he was a little star struck and absolutely terrified.

When Hall’s mom Jessie and I decided to take the boys to the park on our own for a day, I tried thinking of something for Hall to do when meeting characters that would help him be less scared. Cue a trip to Publix for a $2 bouquet of flowers!

Bringing flowers to the characters was the BEST. We’d prep Hall in line about who he was meeting, be it Rapunzel, Ariel, or Alice, and handed him a flower at the last moment to take to the character. Instead of “I want you to go hug that stranger and not freak out,” it gave him a reason to go up to them and not be scared.

The characters were extra sweet and really seemed to take more time with him- What girl wouldn’t love a flower from this sweet prince?! I think it also helped that we took him to more “chatty” characters like Alice and Rapunzel, but I think this would work with any character! It was a total improvement on his visit with Peter and he always left with a smile and a smooch. :)

Hall Meets Alice Hall Meets Alice Hall Meets Alice Hall Meets Alice Hall Meets Alice

See? Flowers for the win!! Try it with your toddler and let me know how it goes! :)

Hall Meets Alice

8 thoughts on “A tip for meeting characters with toddlers!

  1. Liz Young

    Such a good idea!!! I feel like sometimes I still need the flower trick for myself (seriously meeting face characters can be so intimidating/awkward for any age!). Definitely logging this away for when we have kids (many years from now)!! :)

  2. Jenn Paul-koch

    could he get any cuter?? Love that! For Bean, we found if the character high five or gave a pound all was good! Funny what makes them comfortable with characters!

  3. Jessie

    I’d like to thank the chains in the Small World queue for the strep throat that Hall picked up on our most recent Disney trip! Ha! :) ….. Jensey- this was such a great idea! Thank you for the precious pictures of my boy and his ladies that he loves so much!

  4. Victoria

    LOVE this idea for shy kiddos! Hall is seriously the cutest… that last picture looks like he’s thinking about his “smooch” from Alice. Adorable! <3

  5. Hope at Disneyland

    You’re a genius ! What a great idea to help him out of his “stranger danger” and get great pics in the process!


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