Jensey Loves the Hub Grass at Night

4th June 2015

I love when the most mundane evenings end up being the most magical.

This was actually after our visit to Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, when none of us were quite ready to call it a night. I think it was John David who suggested grabbing hot dogs at Casey’s, and when the restaurant was packed and parade about to start, we thought it’d be a great idea to picnic on the hub grass.

Watching the parade from the (mostly) empty hub grass, getting the sights and sounds of the Main Street Electrical Light Parade without being on a crowded Main Street, laying in the grass with friends… It was the best, you guys. :)

Main Street Electrical Light Parade

5 thoughts on “Jensey Loves the Hub Grass at Night

  1. Victoria

    I’m so jealous of MK hub grass! I can’t wait to see it/lay on it when we finally get to go to WDW again!

  2. shauna

    As if the “move to Orlando” list needed more reasons…

    Love those new hubs (can I get fake grass at my house!?) And loooooved Trader Sams!! It wasnt crowdd when we went, might have made a difference.

    1. jensey Post author

      I would love that fake grass at my house!! And yes, we’ve been back to Trader Sam’s since opening weekend and the crowd made a huuuuge difference in my enjoyment!


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