Jensey Loves Disney in the Cold

18th June 2015

February has become one of my favorite months of the year to live in Orlando. We (typically) have a pretty slow month and are able to play a good deal in the parks. Oh, and the weather is amazing. AMAZING.

We spent last weekend at Star Wars Weekends (more on that to come), and I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve been to a Disney park without profusely sweating. Looking at these photos gave me hope… Cool is coming, friends! We may be four months away, but it’s coming. I can feel it. <3

IMG_4025 IMG_4029

Did I not mention this is also a Hallpants post? <3

IMG_4050 x IMG_4061 x IMG_4078 x

*sigh* Long sleeves! I miss yooooooooou!!!!

IMG_4153 IMG_4165 IMG_4178 IMG_4184 x IMG_4189 IMG_6164 x IMG_6171

That’s it, really. It’s just that July is so close and that means August is next and I’m basically just trying to keep myself from crying. Disney park days in long sleeves, I’m comin’ for you. xoxo



12 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Disney in the Cold

  1. Jenn F

    This past trip I forgot just how flippin hot Orlando in the summer is – and that was only early June. It’s the one thing I’m really not looking forward to about going back in August :(

  2. Jessie

    I can’t wait to visit the parks in long sleeves again! Can we please go to Not So Scary this year? Hall (*you and I*) would love it! :)

  3. Erika B

    So there with you! I always say my favorite weather is when I can wear a long sleeve shirt and shorts!

  4. Lindsay T

    Disney on the cold is the BEST!! I cannot wait for these next few years to pass, solely because I want to come to WDW exclusively when it’s cold and empty!!! Lol! Also Hallpants is ridiculously cute. How do y’all even stand it?!

    1. jensey Post author

      Yesssss, cold and empty WDW is the best!!! And I know, I could stare at Hallpants all day. <3 We're just lucky the kids we hang around all the time are so photogenic!!

  5. Jenn Paul-koch

    OK, so I was going to ask you about February! Disney is good then? Our next trip is planned for the princess 1/2 and I am NERVOUS after our very cold January trip 2014. I like cold, but we live in the tundra, and I want it to be a good combo. Also, glad to hear you are slower then, maybe we can get some Jensey love time in on our next trip, to make up for none this past trip?? We missed you lol

    1. jensey Post author

      YES February at Disney is my favorite. You do have the surge of cheerleaders, but for the most part, crowds and temps are low! And I missed y’all too :(


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