Jensey Loves Hunting for Easter Eggs in Epcot

1st April 2015

Last year when I saw my Twitter friends hunted for Easter eggs in Epcot, I was sooooo jealous, so I was ecstatic that they brought it back again this year. :)

If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, for $3.95 (no cast or annual discounts may be applied), you get a map of the World Showcase with an Easter egg shape outline next to each country. You head to the countries, search for the egg, and then match the character to the country you found them. Simple!

After you’ve found the eggs, you take your map back to Port of Entry at the base of the World Showcase to claim your prize- One adorable Easter egg of your choice for each map completed.

$3.95 is totally worth it for the experience. Most of the eggs are hidden in plain sight, so I’m not spoiling much by sharing a couple photos from the hunt. :)

I think this Figment egg was my favorite- Hopefully they make him a keepsake egg next year! :)

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Even though the eggs are in plain sight, it’s sort of fun watching other members of your party take forever to find them. This was our friend searching for the egg right in front of him! :)


My favorite thing about the hunt, other than the adorable souvenirs at the end, was that it didn’t take away from our park day with friends. It wasn’t nearly as involved as “Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure,” so we were able to just enjoy the day and not feel distracted. This also meant we had plenty of time for wine breaks! :)


My favorite egg location. :)

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2015

I didn’t take a photo of all the available eggs you could take home, so I stole this one from the Disney Parks Blog. We walked away with Thumper, Tink, and Mr. Toad. :) They’re only maybe an inch, inch and a half tall, but I love having a little Easter souvenir I can send to the Easter Bunny!

eggswdwdl123456IMG_2232 IMG_2234Epcot Easter Egg Hunt 2015 IMG_2249

The end! Brian and Bradley, thanks for hunting Easter eggs with us!!! :)


10 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Hunting for Easter Eggs in Epcot

  1. Jolene

    Hi Jensey, I just wanted to say I love your new blog! I’ve been a long time Roots Photography fan and a life long Disney fan. Two of my loves in one blog, it can’t get much better than this :)

  2. Danielle

    Ahhh!! I love this!!! Another reason we need to move to Florida!

    I need to keep up with your blog more, I am missing out on all the cool stuff!

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