Jensey Loves Aunt Polly’s

16th April 2015

I love being an annual passholder ~30 minutes from Disney for a million reasons, but my favorite is how often we go in for quick 2-3 hour visits. In the mood for a parade? We can take a jaunt to Magic Kingdom after lunch and be home before dinner. Nothing to eat in the pantry? Let’s go grab lunch in Morrocco and check out the new railings while we’re at it. Twitter is blowing up because a *quick service* window, Aunt Polly’s on Tom Sawyer Island, is open TODAY for the first time since I can remember? Don’t mind if I do!

When I was a kid I remember having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from Aunt Polly’s and it was  a m a z i n g .  I went about a decade without visiting Tom Sawyer’s Island, but now that our nephews Hallpants and Henry visit so often and need room to explore, we’ve been quite a few times this year. Everytime we go, I see the empty seating outside a closed Aunt Polly’s and think of how we should bring a picnic lunch and eat on the water. It has such a great view of Cinderella Castle, the Mark Twain Riverboat, and Haunted Mansion that it really is such a shame these tables are empty 95% of the year!

Annnnnnyway, when I caught wind Aunt Polly’s was open for the day, we had to go check it out- And drag our pals Tim and John along with us! :)

Aunt Polly's Tom Sawyer Island WDW

Aunt Polly's Tom Sawyer Island WDWAunt Polly's Tom Sawyer Island WDW

Aunt Polly's Tom Sawyer Island WDWIMG_2566

Yes, it’s pretty much just overpriced Uncrustables and bags of chips, but I loved my lemonade! :)

Aunt Polly's Tom Sawyer Island WDWAunt Polly's Tom Sawyer Island WDW

We just made it in time for closing!

Aunt Polly's Tom Sawyer Island WDW  IMG_2589

What to do after a snack at Aunt Polly’s? Ride on the Mark Twain Riverboat, of course! I love short park days that involve doing attractions that we normally walk past. :)

IMG_2590 IMG_2591 IMG_2605 IMG_2608 IMG_2610

Aunt Polly’s from the boat:

Aunt Polly's Tom Sawyer Island WDW ROO_6377

I love the view the Mark Twain gives you of Frontierland.

ROO_6382 ROO_6386 ROO_6399 x

The end- Another Disney adventure in the books! :)


3 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Aunt Polly’s

  1. Anna

    Love your blog!!!

    And, we too, have not been to Tom Sawyer Island in a LONG time……
    But, in a week, we’ll be back with a couple of toddlers and I hope to visit the Island once again. (Such a treasure among so many wonderful places at WDW.)

    Wish we lived close enough to visit for a couple of hours whenever we wanted, but not happening 9 hours away!!

  2. Hope at Disneyland

    This post seems like bizarro-Disneyland to me, because it looks so similar but is different. LOL

  3. Betsy Donahue

    I was telling Kate about Aunt Polly’s a few years ago.. I loved it! I am excited they are thinking of reopening for the busy season!


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