Jensey Loves Unbirthdays at the Magic Kingdom

24th March 2015

I had biiiiig plans for my first birthday back as a Florida resident! I was going to spend allllll day in the Magic Kingdom (even snagged some decent Fastpasses for once!) and then come home and have family over for our birthweek party.


I guess I’m maaaaaybe getting closer to grownup-hood than I’d like to admit, because I woke up and just wanted to clean the house. And hang some photos. And clean for the party. And nap.

So I got to do all of those things AND take the next day off to play birthday in the Magic Kingdom! It was the sweetest, simplest day, complete with an unbirthday lunch at Tony’s where we ate on the patio and watched Festival of Fantasy Parade. <3

Jensey and Nate IMG_9796 IMG_9806 IMG_9808   IMG_9819 IMG_9824 IMG_9840 IMG_9846

4 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Unbirthdays at the Magic Kingdom

  1. Mrs. Jansson

    Looks like an awesome day! I LOVE picture 6 of you. The closeup with the cute shades, adorable nail color and monogram necklace. I’m loving it Jens! Love this new blog too. You’ve got a loyal reader here already. :)

  2. Lindsey Taylor

    Your Disney posts make me want to book a vacation! Or move to Florida and get a season pass. Oh, to have birthdays in the Magic Kingdom!!!

  3. Hope at Disneyland

    A birthday at Disney sounds like the best kind of birthday to have. Glad you had a fun day this year! :D


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