Jensey Loves Birthweek Parties <3

20th March 2015

One of the biggest bummers about the four years we lived in Nashville was that we didn’t make a whole lot of friends. We had our two best couple friends, but not enough to throw a party and have people over. I remember getting so upset our last Christmas there because I wanted to have a big holiday party and we had four friends to invite. Womp womp.

With our birthdays just five days apart, Nate and I enjoy celebrating our “birthweek” every March! Being our first birthweek in our new home, we thought it was the perfect time for a “family” get together in the new home (even though our living room is completely and totally bare and the upstairs still packed with boxes!)

It was so fun for us to have family over for the first time since moving in and even though it wasn’t our official housewarming party, the house feels soooooo warm now! <3

IMG_9731 xIMG_9685 IMG_9696

Our living room at the moment only has a couch and a couple chairs- No curtains, decor, anything, so I wanted to do something little to make it feel festive! We made this fun stripe wall with just $5 of paper streamers, masking tape, and about 15 minutes. It was so happy looking!



All of our Orlando favorites in one plaaaaace! <3IMG_9770 x

4 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Birthweek Parties <3

  1. Jo-Ann Crifasi

    i didn’t know this blog existed. I’m so excited. Now I can stalk your happy life even more! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hope at Disneyland

    4 friends is better than 0. ;) I think you should’ve had a Christmas party in Nashville! It’s great that you’re making up for not throwing many events at your other house with your pals in FL. How cool to celebrate your birthday week together. My hubby and I have birthdays close to each other too, so we end up with a birthday month with our wedding anniversary mixed in there too. So it’s cake every weekend. lol Speaking of which, your cake looked amazing. I hope it tasted as good as it looked.


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