Jensey Loves Fresh Starts

25th March 2015

It was almost exactly one year ago when I decided to launch a Disney blog. I was so excited to have a place to share our Disney adventures, but I never went into it with a clear mission statement so I sorta floundered. Was it a Disney photography blog? Personal Disney trip reports? Should I share Disney weddings? I think that was the downfall- Trying to mix in work with our personal blog. I became so burnt out after just a month of the launch. It became this weird Tumblr-esque blog and I felt overwhelmed and lacked direction.

At the same time, I’ve always hated doing personal posts on our work blog, but I sorta put myself between a rock and a hard place with Disney Roots- I was stuck only writing about Disney, and while that’s a big part of our lives, it’s just one facet.

So today brings a fresh start. Simply put, Jensey Loves is a blog about the people, places, and things I love. I came up with the idea because Nate has called me “Jenseylove” since the year we started dating.

I’ve already posted a few entries so you get an idea of what I’ll be sharing on here! I’m excited for more everyday posts, and excited to once again have a “reason” to edit and share our personal photos. I hope you follow along with this new adventure! :)


6 thoughts on “Jensey Loves Fresh Starts

  1. Jenn F

    Welp, I’m along for the ride :) I can’t wait to see more of you guys and your finds – that collage photo set? LOVE! Totally buying that for our future new home (and I know just what photos to put in it too….. ;) )

  2. Lindsey Taylor

    Can I get your blog posts delivered to my email? Lindsey LOVES your views on all things Disney!

  3. Hope at Disneyland

    Just added you to my feed. It’s always nice to “get to know” the people behind the camera. :)


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